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Abid Wazir Khan

People of Pakistan are a nation of great potential and spirit, and there are, therefore, great prospects for Pakistan to play an unprecedented role in changing today's world of real peace, progress and prosperity. Our future together with the future of the world, I believe, lies in hands of our children who need to be groomed and educated in a way that perfectly accords with the philosophy of Islam. With this vision, we had laid foundation of KIPS (Knowledge Inn Preparatory School) that offers a complete career path right from Play Group to Professional Education so that they may play a leading role in tomorrow's world.
For this very humble cause, KIPS is now delivering quality education services in 17 major cities of Pakistan. Its sincerity to the purpose and sheer devotion throughout past two decades has made KIPS a name of trust and excellence, among students as well as parents.
I welcome you all to KIPS official website and hope that you get optimum academic/career guidance from here. Please feel free to share your feedback for improvising KIPS' website/system as there is always a room for improvement.





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